Vita-Atraxia Galaxy

The Vita-Atraxia Galaxy is a large and expansive galaxy left unknown by the human race until the year of 2362. From anywhere in the galaxy you can spot the three suns of Vita-Atraxia, one yellow star other wise known as Hylixa, one A class blue star known as Giorus, and one faint red star known as Ashter. These three suns are shown in relative size and perception in the sky as they would be seen out in space below.


There are two separate orbits the planets here follow, one around Giorus and one around Hylixa creating two separately ruled solar systems. With a total of 19 planets and several moons it’s a full galaxy. Below is a pictorial overview of the galaxy followed by a full description of each of its different components.

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Vita-Atraxia Galaxy

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