Hylixa System

The Blue Hylixa Star in the Vita-Atraxia Galaxy has seven planets in its main orbit that range in size, environment, and inhabitants greatly.

Hylixa system


The first planet of the Hylixa system its close proximity to the largest of the Vita-Atraxia suns it is one of the more volatile places in the galaxy.


The second planet in the Hylixa System, covered in a thick and potent mist like fog that keeps it temperate and full of nature and wildlife.


The joint third/fourth planet from the sun, sister planet to Scyntir with a large predominantly human population.


Biomechanical planet, carved out and replaced with high tech environments to keep the world running and sister planet to Marona.

Nhyo Jahm

The fifth planet in the solar system: More to be added later.


The sixth planet in the solar system; known for its classification as the most “Earth like” by human standards. Has a large population of Humans, Aslans, Centauri, and Netrians.


The seventh and final planet in the solar system. It is by far the smallest and known to be the slums of the solar system for it’s glacial temperatures and sketchy history.

Hylixa System

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