Ring Master to the Calvo show of Wonders and Oddities


Name: Narell Calvo
Race: Half Human, Half Avary
Age: 32 years old
Height: 5’7"
Home Planet: Sa’zylor

  • Stellar Traveler and Explorer
  • Proprietor and Founder of the Calvo’s Traveling Wonders and Oddities
  • Expert in Mythological Lore and Story Telling
  • Self Proclaimed Master of Illusion

Str: 40 ( – 1 )
Sta: 50 ( + 0 )
Agi: 100 ( + 3 )
Int: 120 ( + 5 )
Wil: 50 ( + 0 )
Psi: 80 ( + 1 )
Ins: 40 ( – 1 )
Luc: 80 ( + 1 )
Cha: 140 ( + 7 )

Primary Skills:

  • Confidence Tech Lv 3. Rating: +10
  • Merchant Trade Lv 1. Rating: +8
  • Carousing Lv 1 Rating: +8
  • Trivia Lv 1 Rating +6
  • Diplomacy Lv 1 Rating: +8
  • Language (gen roots of a variety of languages) Lv 1 Rating: +6

Secondary Skills:

  • Knife Combat Lv 1. Rating: +2
  • Throwing Accuracy Lv 1. Rating: +2
  • Pick Pocketing Lv 1. Rating: +2
  • Administration Lv 1. Rating: +8
  • Disguise Lv 1. Rating: +8
  • Physics Lv 1. Rating: +6
  • Animal Handling Lv 1. +8

There are many rumors that travel around about the upbringing of the man almost exclusively referred to and known as Calvo.

Rumors of Birth:

  • Some say he is the illegitimate son and rightful heir to the throne on Sa’zylor; a planet in which he is in fact mysteriously banished from since the new king has taken up office ten years ago.
  • Others say that he is a test tube baby- created by a mad scientist who wanted to get back at “mainstream society” by making someone that would be so eccentric, and yet so influential that they couldn’t possibly ignore him.
  • Was an orphan raised by wild beasts and saved as an infant by a group of adventurers when he was in his adolescence.

Calvo has spent the last decade to which he has been in the lime light of the galaxy building up his name. He wants to be a household name and more or less has done so- although whether it is for the right reasons is up for debate. Although little is known of his lineage, his childhood, or his teenage years, he came on the scene fast and hard with a wild animal exhibit with one of the wild beasts from the grounds of Laeffir, performing a dangerous stunt in front of a stunned audience on Scyntir that allowed for both his cult following and spread of his arrival throughout the land.

Kuska is Calvo’s only remaining “pet” from this part of his career and he considers her to be his most dear companion even though he is forced to leave her behind many times because of her tendency to “nip” at strangers fingers.

He was able to amass a small fortune from his beginning shows, and invested in a motley crew, a ship, and began to explore the far reaches of the galaxy looking for new creatures and oddities that would please his fans and skeptics across the main three solar systems and onward.

He is well known for his over the top way of dressing and acting when on the stage, and is known for feeding off the energy and curiosity of the crowd he is given. It is hard to say whether or not he is in a constant state of putting on a show or whether he is just a little bit touched in the head.

Calvo also refuses to be recorded in any way, shape, or form.


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